What are the different types of property valuations that exist?


How to create instant equity in your primary sandybaybowls place of residence your house you live in or you know some property doesn’t make a difference you can use this for both properties and also how to repeat the process over and over in order to further grow your wealth and invest on the property portfolio.

What are the certain types of basics that have been completely related with the term property valuation?

  • That’s the most important thing now you really see if you’re doing this with the settlement okay so if you’ve bought something you really need to start doing these four months prior to settlement and you need to perform extremely diligence.
  • if you’re doing this on an established property as I mentioned before you do it at the peak of the market being an sandybaybowls oxygen clear rate around the 75 percent class that’s where you want the three you’ve got a huge amount of references and a high price point social properties.
  • That are similar to yours in quality and position but are price significantly higher because number one developers construction costs are higher or leg costs are higher you see it’s not even about supply and demand driving property prices what’s happening in Melbourne in the Bayside area for example.


Aspen dealt with our Chelsea Palm Beach or in the eastern suburbs places like Cannes real horse on these land has gone up so much and Glen maybe is a better example this in Hampton for example another area in the Bayside or good Mabley land has gone up so much.

It’s not even construction cost and demand just land blocks or subdivisions are so scarce it’s driving up property prices so you can buy a townhouse today for example in Bentley for 1 million 50 you know two years from now the same townhouse probably on the market for 1.3 it’s not so much.

The construction cost has gone up a population growth has gone up it’s simply because the block today is much cheaper to buy in terms of acquisition cost and purchase price for developer this is tomorrow so what you do is and also you look for developers