Taking a journey of a house owner to an education Melbourne Property Valuers Seller

Property Valuation

Second time sellers have an advantaged edge of understanding the nuances of property valuations. Some of the sellers who are selling for second will tell you how they have avoided the mistake of blindly believing that their smart ideas they have acted upon were actually a waste of investing their time and money. It is quite common that the first time prospective seller will think from the certain points of view like:

  1. How can create my property different from the one in locality.
  2. Can I add one more room in the left space of the house that is vacant and has a garden.
  3. How about building a swimming pool near sit out; may add value and create property look more attractive to the buyer.
  4. How about having a  valuation who can write more estimates an highlight features of the house that are usually not visible to the onlookers or prospective property buyers. 

One of the most common myths that any property owner will bear in mind is:

Property values are ‘Always on the Rise’.

Prospective owners turning sellers just entering the market and trying to sell their property always think that real estate values have an upward curve. Upward trend of the property is sure an indicator of the good economic conditions; however for a specific area or a specific property this may not be true. This myth bust may come as shocking as an earthquake to any continent which is never likes Japan where regular earthquakes occur. 

The onus of selling the property at a most possible highest price is also determined by time. Time and valuation of property go hand in hand. Most clever seller of property utilizes the situation for their own benefits instead of waiting for the tides to turn or property prices to increase further. It is therefore a very good idea to buy an umbrella before the rain comes. View More : http://www.melbourne-valuations.com.au

It may happen that real income level of people have fallen down and this may affect the real market comparable properties’ prices which has led the fall in the actually valuated prices though on the contrary the expectations of the price rise due to renovations, changes and repairs still exists with the prospective seller.

Who doesn’t like to dive once in a week into a personal Swimming Pool.

In house valuation, a swimming pool does not play a role. A property that hosts a swimming pool does not raise the value of the property itself. In the property valuation report, a swimming pool will not make for what the house cannot fetch as value. A house property stands alone first as a measure of value and it is not the swimming pool. Any property valuer who is educated and experienced enough to make your understand will tell the prospective seller the same. Hence, it is necessary to separate fact from fiction. It is therefore better to take the advice of the property valuer.