Top Property valuation Tips and Instructing An Agent Part – 1

Property Valuation

Property valuers answer some of your Property valuation questions so a lot of people have come to us and asked us all about Property valuations because commercial property valuers think people going into high-street estate agents get a little bit intimidated just by the nature of the offices.

You know rows of desks and come running to you certified property valuers thought we’d do a little news for you on sort of the key points that you will need.

So tip number one you’re going to need to find an estate agent how do you do that well obviously you can go to your local high street you can look around and see who’s there you can go on Property valuation company there’s lots of other online resources but Property valuers wouldn’t stop there.

It’s easy to be tempted to go to the person with the biggest shop the shiniest offices the best furniture that doesn’t always mean they’re the best agent generally in my experience at least tends to mean that they’re just very good at spending the money that you’re paying them.

Property valuation company, property valuers

And it can mean the fee is higher as well so be a bit canny about that registered property valuers would go in and ask some quite pointed questions yes look for sale boards look for who’s done business recently.

But also have a look at how you’re treated just as a member of the public if you’re going to go into a high street agent or call a Property valuation company don’t tell them you’re looking to sell maybe pretend you’re looking to buy or try registering as a tenant you if they treat you with respect and kindness.

And they give you the time of day then they’re probably going to be a pretty good agent after all this is a people business so that is a very important factor tip number two investigate with the review sites who’s done well take a look at sites such as rater agent.

You can look at all the agents own website will often have a rafter they’re good reviews but don’t take it as gospel because who’s going to put a bad review on their website and take a look around do your research.

You’re going to have to shop around there currently doesn’t exist a property valuation service where you can compare if you’re buying insurance you would be able to compare all of the insurance companies you’ve got compare the market.

Property valuation company, property valuers

You’ve got money supermarket whatever that doesn’t exist for agents because they don’t publish their fees although interestingly it’s now law that you should have a selection of your fees all of your fees indeed on the wall for everybody to see.

So if your Property valuation company is being a bit canny about telling you their fees they really should be and they should also include v used to be that agents would quote you say one and a half percent and then you’d find out later you’d have a nasty sting in the tail of seventeen.

And a half percent of the time which is now twenty percent is the prevailing v rate but now all fees quoted should include v so if you’re still getting people saying plus B eighty they’re not really compliant with the law qualified property valuers would say that would be ringing alarm bells.

And you should tread carefully with them or just not use them at all because it’s that they’re not complying with the real estate law do your research make sure that you understand what this Property valuation company is about was believe it or not they’re not all the same they do have different ways of approaching things.

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