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U.S. District Judge William Bertelsman is overseeing a potential class-action lawsuit involving Monohan’s clients. But Valuation of Property he said all the parties are working cooperatively now and may have all .

The liens released sometime in January. Property valuation controls looking at full house to discharge up that its seen as cost in the current degree field.

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The federal lawsuit argues Peoples Bank and Erpenbeck engaged in a fraudulent enterprise and both share culpability. Though all the banks have tentatively agreed to lift the liens, none has admitted any liability or guilt

Conspiring with Erpenbeck as part of the settlement. Cash buyers were among the most vulnerable victims of the scandal that took down the homebuilder and forced the sale of Peoples Bank of Northern Kentucky. 

Monohan said the average age of his clients topped 70. Erpenbeck had withheld payment from its construction lenders on more than 200 homes and condominiums. Most properties had been purchased through mortgage financing.

Checks written to Erpenbeck’s construction lenders were misdirected into Erpenbeck accounts at Peoples Bank and Firstar Bank, now U.S. Bank, according to federal prosecutors. Property valuation structure is

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Because Peoples Bank, title companies and closing agents shared responsibility for allowing checks to be misdirected, they agreed to pay Erpenbeck’s lenders most money owed. But in the case of cash buyers,

Many of whom are retirees who sold their old homes and used cash to buy retirement condominiums, only one check was written to the order of Erpenbeck Co. or an affiliate. Peoples Bank and Firstar had no culpability in accepting a misdirected check. While the money was legally deposited into

Erpenbeck accounts, the company failed to pay off its construction lenders, according to bank records and attorneys. 

Three people have pleaded guilty to bank fraud charges resulting from an ongoing FBI investigation into the scandal: Bill Erpenbeck; Lori Erpenbeck, Bill’s sister and former company accounting chief; and Michelle Marksberry, who ran most of the home builder’s property closings. On the off .

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